Meet the Team

Ivan Soffer - Director

The SSC Property Group - Ivan Soffer

Ivan manages the day-to-day operations of the SSC Property Group. He is involved with, amongst other areas, the development and enhancement of the Group's property portfolio. An attorney by profession, Ivan also oversees the legal aspects of the business, including lease negotiations, property acquisitions and corporate strategy.

Neil Choveaux - Group Accountant

The SSC Property Group - Neil Choveaux

Lynne Ferreira - Account Administrator

The SSC Property Group - Lynn Ferreira

Neil is a professional accountant by profession, and is an experienced financial manager with many years of service in the manufacturing sector. Neil joined the SSC Property Group in July 2010. He is responsible for the financial accounting, taxation and financial reporting aspects of the individual companies and the group as a whole.

Lynne is responsible for bookkeeping and credit control, and is the calm presence at the centre of the SSC storm. Always sharp and efficient, she maintains an excellent grasp on all that goes on in the business, particularly when it comes to tenant accounts, fielding tenants’ queries expertly and affably.

Sharon Lambrechts - Property Manager

The SSC Property Group - Sharon Lambrechts

Hermar Peters - Maintenance Manager

The SSC Property Group - Hermar Peters

Sharon is an experienced portfolio manager with many years of service in the property industry servicing the retail, industrial and commercial sectors.  Sharon is part of this experienced team that deals with the daily running of the SCC Property portfolio.

Hermar joined in October 2013 and is responsible for all aspects of building renovations, refurbishments, repairs and maintenance. He manages a team of skilled construction workers to deliver a service that is reliable, effective and tailored to the precise needs of the client.

Mendi Soffer - Founder

The SSC Property Group - Mendi Soffer

This website could never be complete without acknowledging Mendi Soffer, the founder of the SSC Property Group. From humble beginnings, he created and nurtured the company, building it up to where it is today. As exemplary as he was in his business acumen and conduct, so was he equally admired and respected in his personal life. Always generous, kind and caring, he opened his heart to countless causes and people. Aside from his many achievements, he left behind the hallmark of business integrity, and we, the family strive to continue his legacy.